about me


In early 2017, The Sparkle Style was created as a safe space where I was able to distract myself with inspirational content, pretty images, and ultimately – positivity.  In late 2016, my Mom was battling Breast Cancer (she survived it ♡ ), and that was particularly hard on me. I wanted to pursue blogging for quite some time before that, and if the experience taught my anything (it taught me so much, actually), it taught me the importance of pursuing my goals, and influenced me to truly go out and seek out the best that life can offer. The Sparkle Style is not only a reference for my love of Sparkles, but it also goes beyond that and reflects my own version of finding the silver lining in difficult moments.

At this point, I want to continue to use the blog as an inspiration for happiness for myself and others. I post content that makes me feel good, and hopefully allows my readers to feel good as well. In terms of blog identity – I am interested in including but not limited to: Beauty, Style, Travel, and Self Improvement. I hope that this experience will allow me to step out of my comfort zone, and allow me to meet and connect with other fearless individuals!

More about me…

My name is Nikole Maria, and you can find me around Toronto either walking my French Bulldog along the beach, at an art gallery, or working at the library (too distracted at coffee shops). I have professional training in Makeup Artistry, and have worked for several luxury cosmetic brands, represented makeup agencies, and carried a successful freelance business. I am currently pursuing a degree in Art History, so I am constantly looking for the beauty in all that surrounds me.

I always try to challenge myself and those around me to be the best versions we can be. I love the colour pink. And, I’m probably the most patient person you’ll ever meet.

Looking forward to meeting you! x