Easy NYE Makeup Look

Hey, friends! I hope you all had a magical Christmas & holiday season. I’ve been in London visiting family over the holidays, getting some much needed R&R! Luckily, I don’t have to go back to work or school until next week, so this two week vacation has been incredible! As much as I’d love to bask in all that is Christmas, I can’t help but look forward to the upcoming celebrations for the new year. If you’re like me (which I think you are), and plan your sparkly outfits beforehand – makeup is usually something that you just kind of wing on the day. Even before my love for dressing up, makeup has always been my passion. In fact, I attended makeup school & worked in the cosmetics industry before I returned to complete my arts degree. It’s fun and creative, but more importantly, makeup is a lot less intimidating than everyone makes it out to be! If you’ve been scouting YouTube or Pinterest for festive makeup inspired looks, I have one more look I’ve prepared for you guys. This easy step-by-step holiday makeup tutorial, which you can definitely adjust and customize for yourself! It may take a bit of practice, but I promise once you get the hang of it – this look will only take you 10 minutes tops!! And you can easily transition this look for evening makeup looks in the new year.

Are you ready? LET’S DO THIS!

I’ve already applied my BB Cream and made up my eyebrows. I suggest that if you’re just starting out, to hold off on the BB Cream, foundation, or concealer part. If you’re new at handling a makeup brush, you MAY get some eyeshadow fallout below your eyes which can be a pain to remedy once you’ve already applied your foundation. I recommend starting with your eyes first, and then applying your foundation after for a flawless finish. I’m still recovering from studying from exams and Christmas binging, so apart from some lighting adjustments, I’ve left out the heavy photoshop and filter effects to give you guys the most realistic outcome for this look (so please excuse the eye bags)!

The first item I used was the 24 Hour Extended Eye Base by Mac Cosmetics ($27 CAD). I can’t even begin to explain my love for this product! I’m a huge fan of makeup primers (perhaps I’ll do a post on that soon), & this one is my ultimate favourite to apply before eye products. I have hooded eyes, so my eye products have a tendency to bleed onto the skin near my brows. When I use this eye base however, I never run into that issue. I also have normal to dry skin, and often I find that primers flake on my skin. With this product, there is no flaking, OR greasy residue if you tend to have oily eye lids. It can easily be applied with clean finger tips.

The second product is the Pro Paint Pot by Mac Cosmetics ($26 CAD). It’s a highly pigmented, long-wearing eye base which can be applied on its own – or before eyeshadow. Adding two primers at this point will really ensure your eye makeup will last all day/night! The colour I used was a limited edition called Fancy Frosting, but you can find similar reflective shades in Vintage Selection (frosted peach), and Bare Study (gold pearl). You won’t be needing too much of this product anyway, since we will be dipping into eyeshadow as well. But as you can see, it allows us to work on a sparkly base from the start.

On top of the base, I added a light dusting of the Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow in White Pearl ($3 CAD). I’ve had this product for YEARS, and I still have SOOO much left. For $3, it will seriously last you your lifetime. To apply this, I used the #239 brush by Mac ($30 CAD), but it’s hella overpriced, & any eyeshadow brush will do! I also recommend putting just a bit in the inner corners of your eyes to really make them pop!

Next, on the outer edges of my eyelids I very gently applied Makeup Forever Artist Shadow in Black ($26 CAD), which is a matte finish eyeshadow that is easily blendable. This product is very pigmented but as you can see, I applied very little to the corners of my eyes. Feel free to go in with more if you prefer! It’s always better to start off with a little amount and build up the colour, as opposed to going straight in with a ton of product on your brush. Remember, it’s easier to add than take away product, so slowly keep building up. If you find that it looks a bit muddy, use a clean brush and apply a  flesh tone eyeshadow colour on it, while making small circles surrounding the muddy area with your brush to clean up the look.

As you can see, I’ve cleaned up the eyes a little with a lighter eyeshadow which is similar to my skintone, entitled Vanilla by Mac ($16 CAD). I also applied just a touch of a taupe colour called Coquette to the outer corners to give them more depth. You can definitely add any brown, grey, or taupe colours to the corners if you want to add to the look.

I then applied one of my favourite black liquid eyeliners called Scandal Eyes by Rimmel London. You can easily purchase this product from any major drugstore or department store. Adding liquid eyeliner really makes the eyes pop with contrast! Pro tip: apply black eyeliner pencil on your top eye line (just under your eyelashes), for added drama. 

I then used another product which is no longer available from MAC for my mascara, BUT good news, it wasn’t my favourite. On a side note, I’m currently loving Hydra Lash Nourishing Mascara by Joe Fresh ($12 CAD), which is available Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s enriched with argan oil, and gives lashes a softer finish, which I prefer.

At this point, our eyes are done and we’re ready to move to my favourite part …. LIPS!!!

To begin, I use Mac Prep + Prime Lip ($17.50 CAD). Enough Mac products yet? Haha. Hands down, this is my favourite product EVER. Even if I’m not wearing lipstick, this product doubles as a lip chap. I used to never wear matte lipsticks because my lips flaked, and it just made my lips look awful by the end of the day. Not to mention, I hated how dry they felt. This product has allowed me to fall in love with matte products because it makes such a soft base to apply matte products, and I seriously never need to reapply my lip products if I’m wearing this! 10/10 I WOULD RECOMMEND.

I then applied Ruby Woo Lip Liner ($17.50 CAD), all over my lips!

I then used Red Jade Retro Matte Lip Colour ($21 CAD), which is a liquid-suede lip colour that is true to colour and super long-lasting! After applying lip products, we’re done!!

Selfie Ready

And there you go, guys! A super-easy makeup look just in time for NYE!!! What are your plans? Any sparkly parties I NEED to be aware of? I’ll probably just be staying in with family, which has always been my favourite way to bring in the new year.

Let me know if you guys try this look, or if you’d like to see more beauty How-To Tutorials in the future!

Take care & keep warm!! <3


Holiday Gift Guide: Alternative Ideas

Ah, Christmas. Although I’m not a fan of winter, I can’t deny how much I love Christmas. I especially love living in the city around this time… the lights, the glittering snow, the music…it’s all so magical! I’m going to be blunt here for a second and say that all of the magic gets blurred out with consumerism, though. I will admit, when I was a kid, I obviously loved the gifts and the idea of Santa, but now that I’m an adult, it’s not really something I support. Even in my early teens, when my parents asked me what I wanted, I’d respond with “I’m good. I don’t need anything”.  I’m more excited about sitting with my family and enjoying their time, especially  during Christmas dinner.  I’m already not a fan of malls, and when you add the pressure of purchasing gifts for multiple people, it just adds stress to the season (for me, anyway). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping for others…but I always think in the back of my mind that there are others who are less fortunate, and who could benefit from receiving a gift. I just think it’s silly that a bunch of adults who are perfectly capable of purchasing their own items wait for Christmas to receive material goods from one another.

I guess what I’m trying to say is maybe reconsider material gifts this year? If not for others, then for yourself. Maybe instead of asking for that $300+ Kitchen Aid batter mixer, ask others to make a donation to your favourite charity because in all honesty, you probably have more than enough shit. We’re all th ultimate hoarders with our gadgets, technology, makeup, clothes, etc., and I say enough! Focus on the gifts that won’t be around forever: cooking/baking with your family, appreciating family traditions, having a cup of hot cocoa with good company, attending a Christmas market, etc.

I’ve been noticing a lot of Perfect Gift Guides posts lately, and while it is the season, I wanted to take a different approach and offer a Perfect Gift Guide that doesn’t involve material goods. I promise I’m not the Grinch….probably more of a Cindy Lou Who 🙂

1: Charity Donation

As I already mentioned, giving back is a gift in itself. If someone asks what you want, ask them to make a donation to your favourite charity, their favourite charity, or BOTH. This is also a wonderful gift for someone else because who isn’t pro-being a good person, pro-saving the world, and/or pro-kindness? Hopefully the person in your life is pro-all those things!! 😛

2: A Pet

This is my personal favourite. PREPARE TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF SANTA CLAUSE EVER. Adopting a puppy, cat, etc. is an incredible gift that ensures love, loyalty, and….lots and lots of patience! Heads up though, because you want to make sure that the person receiving a pet would be 100% okay with the idea.  Remember to consider adoption because there are lots of fur babies and older animals that are in need of loving homes.

3: An Experience

Is someone constantly talking about how much they want to take up drumming, yoga, ballet dancing, etc.? Consider gifting someone a lesson or a class for an experience they have always wanted to try, or something they already love doing. As I mentioned in my post about my anxiety, Mark gifted me an unlimited yoga class membership, which was such an incredible gift in helping me personally and physically! You can read more about that post here. Experiences win everytime. Another fun idea is Season Passes. They can be used for Museums, National Parks, Amusement Parks, etc.! If you especially want to have a fun time, try WINE TASTING.


Introducing my Frenchie, Rory!

4: Prepare a Meal

This one works really well if you want to give Mom (or whomever does the cooking) a day off. In my home, Mark and I will cook each other meals all the time, and it’s something that shows your appreciation for the other person. Cooking or baking for someone is very personal, and there is no faking that love! It’s always nice to come home to a home-cooked meal, especially when it includes all the flavors you and/or someone else enjoys. If you want to be extra cute, create a little menu and give it to them before hand so that they can decide what they’d like to you make for them!

5: Your Expertise

Are you a fashion lover? Provide your expertise and help them organize their closet, or styling their outfits. Makeup or Hair guru? Give them a fun makeover! Plumbing? Unclog their toilet. LOL. The point is, use something you’re good at to help them out. They’ll appreciate it.

I hope after reading this post, it has inspired you (even a little), to reconsider material goods as Christmas gifts.  What are your thoughts on gifts? On no gifts? Is there anything I’m missing? Let me know in the comments!! I love hearing from you guys.

Wishing you a stress-free season in the meantime xx

Winter Season Pink Lipsticks from M.A.C.

As a professionally trained Makeup Artist, I can honestly say I have more lipsticks than I’ll ever need in three lifetimes. With Winter here in full force, I like to incorporate bright colours into my makeup looks to lighten the dreary mood. A lot of fair women believe that they can’t do intense pops of colour and should instead opt for pastels. While it’s true pastel pinks look beautiful on us, there’s just something so striking about a bold, pink lip on anyone!

Left to right:
Shanghai Spice (creamy muted pink), Show Orchid (very hot pink), Mehr (dirty blue pink)

These are my top 3 pink lipstick picks for the winter season from M.A.C. Cosmetics. Shanghai Spice is a lovely neutral pink that offers moisture for your lips if you’re like many and experience dry lips in the winter. Show Orchid is for the daring girl who doesn’t mind turning heads. This cool pink tone adds fun to any look. Mehr is a matte lipstick so it will last through all of your sips of vino! Because Mehr can translate as a pink-brown, it is especially beautiful as a neutral pink on South Asian skin tones.

I’m wearing Show Orchid in this post.

Have you guys tried these colours, what did you think? What are some of your favourite pink lipsticks for winter? I’d love to know! In the end, wear whatever makes YOU feel the most beautiful and happiest!